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GiftedOne started this conversation
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pls help me I need auto free but don't have auto for 7 year so real want auto so badly for good reason visit to family / my 14 grandchild christmas too far and go to doc an app ad I am deaf / will be 60 year old... Thank you :)
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May god bless you for helping others in there time of need. Merry Christmas to you
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Lori H.
Hey GiftedOne! Hope your day went well.
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Every year that goes by I keep hoping that I will someday be in the position to give back to a family in need, the feeling it must give you inside would be the greatest gift of all.
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Lori H.
Hi GiftedOne! How are you? I see you are trying to help others on here! That's a true blessing! I have 2 boys ages 6 and 11. I pray there are more angels on here to help the ones of us that need help. My kids still believe in Santa but this year it is tough because I have been so short in funds due to taking FMLA because my son got really sick. All of the time I have missed from work has been unpaid. I have noticed though that God always does make a way! Be blessed this holiday season because all kind things do come back to reward you some way or another!
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